Citadelle VaubanHome Vauban Citadel, overlooking Palais harbour, symbolises 1000 years of history.
In establishing a high quality inn and the restaurant “La Table du Gouverneur” to complement the Museum Hotel, Vauban Citadel offers a haven with character and charm.

The Citadel is devoted to culture and relaxation, suitable for holidays, events, seminars and conferences. In July and August you can enjoy evening performances at the Belle-Ile-en-Mer festival “Lyrique-en-Mer”, where the former Arsenal is brought back to life.

Vauban Citadel found its calling in hospitality, and today the “barracks” have become beautiful rooms with views across the sea, while the “prisons” are paved in “gold” !!… because they cultivate the simple happiness of living well … Since 2005 Vauban Citadel has been part of the Savry “Les Hôtels Particuliers” group, created in 1969 by Philip and Gerard Savry with the aim of rescuing from abandonment private mansions and registered or listed buildings on the supplementary inventory of historic monuments list.